About Us


The project “The Practice of Conflict Sensitivity – Concept to Impact“ strengthened the practice of conflict sensitivity throughout and beyond a broad consortium of humanitarian, peacebuilding and multi-mandate development NGOs.

The purpose of the Conflict Sensitivity website is to further the understanding of what “conflict sensitivity” means in practice, in terms of organisational systems, project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of specific interventions. The original consortium comprised a diverse range of agencies which continue individually, together and with others to share findings widely in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors to enhance the capacity to institutionalise and implement conflict sensitive approaches.

The original project was funded by the UK Department for International Development from 2008 to 2012. The work was carried out by a Consortium of NGOs across four countries: Kenya, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and the UK. Since then, conflict sensitivity has spread more broadly in part due to the consortium’s work together and separately, but also due to a number of other organisations’ (including donor governments) recognition that we can and should be doing better in the way we design and deliver our specific interventions across the board. Therefore, International Alert through funding provided by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has begun to update the site with the hopes that those using a conflict sensitive approach will contribute tools, experiences and updates so that this site remains relevant.

This website is meant to:

  • Share understanding of conflict sensitive approaches (CSA) across a network of international and local development, humanitarian and peace building organisations;
  • Share guidance, experiences, lessons and recommendations for mainstreaming effective CSA across a range of contexts and sectors disseminated to policy-makers, donors and practitioners; and
  • Strengthen expertise and capacity amongst practitioners and civil society partners to institutionalise and implement CSA, at headquarters and local levels.

If you would like to add resources, please send an email to International Alert: info(at)international-alert.org and please specify that it is for the Conflict Sensitivity Consortium website.