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About Us

The project "The Practice of Conflict Sensitivity - Concept to Impact" is intended to strengthen the practice of conflict sensitivity throughout and beyond a broad consortium of humanitarian, peace-building and multi-mandate development NGOs.


The project is being funded by DFID, the UK Department for International Development, and is being carried out by a Consortium of NGOs across four countries: Kenya, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and the UK. It started in 2008 and is intended to run until March 2012. 


Key project outcomes will include:

- Shared understanding of conflict sensitive approaches (CSA) across a network of international and local development, humanitarian and peace building organisations;

- Lessons and recommendations for mainstreaming effective CSA across a range of contexts and sectors disseminated to policy-makers, donors and practitioners;

- Strengthened expertise and capacity amongst member organisations and civil society partners to institutionalise and implement CSA, at headquarters and local levels.