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Information on Action Aid’s approach to conflict and peacebuilding. Action Aid is an international development organisation dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice.

Action Aid

The Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP) was established in 1997, following the multi-agency evaluation of the Rwanda genocide. It is a collective response by the humanitarian sector, dedicated to improving humanitarian performance through increased learning and accountability.

Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP)

Contracting Out of Human Rights: The Chad–Cameroon pipeline project

Amnesty International

The Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation is a comprehensive and cumulative website resource that provides continually updated cutting-edge knowledge, experience and lessons learned for those working in the field of transforming violent ethnopolitical conflict.

Berghof Handbook - Berghof Research Centre for Constructive Conflict Management

An overview on CARE’s approach to conflict and peace and conflict sensitivity. CARE is an international aid agency working to fight poverty and injustice.

CARE International

Access to information on projects, training and publications. CDA is a non-profit organization committed to improving the effectiveness of international actors who provide humanitarian assistance, engage in peace practice, and are involved in supporting sustainable development.

CDA – Collaborative Learning Projects

CRISE is a Development Research Centre within Oxford University that investigates relationships between ethnicity, inequality and conflict, with the aim of identifying economic, political, social and cultural policies which promote stable and inclusive multiethnic societies.

Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security, and Ethnicity (CRISE)

Access to Conciliation Resources' publications, reports and policy papers, and information on country programmes. Conciliation Resources is an independent charity working to prevent violence, promote justice and transform conflict into opportunities for development.

Conciliation Resources

The Conflict Community of Practice (CCP) was created in March 2010 as a network of CARE practitioners committed to sharing information and best practice as well as innovating and learning together. With currently 60+ members from 25+ different countries, the CCP is at the very beginning of its development and has plans to grow into the leading space for discussion and expertise on conflict in CARE.

Conflict Community of Practice (CCP)

Information on the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).


Council of the European Union

Report on the role of the private sector in Security Sector Reforms.


The Department for Peace Studies at Bradford University is a leading academic centre for the study of peace and conflict.

Department for Peace Studies – Bradford University

UK Government Department responsible for promoting development and the reduction of poverty.


Conference site on 'Private Sector Development and Peacebuilding - Exploring Local and Internationa Perspectives'.

Donor Committee for Enterprise Development

Eldis is a search facility that aims to share the best in development policy, practice and research. 

ELDIS - Topic Guide on Conflict and Security

Information on the Commission’s role in conflict prevention and civilian crisis management.

European Commission

The European Peacebuilding Liaison Office is the platform of European NGOs, networks of NGOs and think tanks active in the field of peacebuilding, who share an interest in promoting sustainable peacebuilding policies among decision-makers in the European Union.

European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO)

International initiative to set global standards for transparency in oil, gas and mining.

Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI)

Initiative to coordinate the development of forest management standards toward sustainable outcomes.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Information, policy documentation and publications relating to the peacebuilding and crisis prevention in German development cooperation.

German Federal Ministry for Economic Coooperation and Development (BMZ)

Materials on how to break the links between natural resources and conflict by changing international, regional and national policies.

Global Witness

Briefing document on the conflict of interest and the uncertain future of Burma's forests.

Global Witness - Burma

Report on corruption in the copper and cobalt mining industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Global Witness - DRC Report

Report arguing for the significant strengthening of the Kimberley Process for it to achieve its aim of stemming conflict diamonds.

Global Witness - Kimberley Process

Report on the link between timber trade and armed conflict.

Global Witness - Timber

Funded by the UK Department for International Development, the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC) aims to help reduce poverty by informing policymaking and enhancing professional knowledge in relation to governance, conflict and social development.

Governance and Social Development Resource Centre – Topic Guide on Conflict

Private Sector Development in Reintegration and Reconstruction Programmes.


Post Conflict Reconstruction and Private Sector Development; Case Study Sierra Leone.


Established in 2003, HAP International is the humanitarian sector's first international self-regulatory body. Members of HAP are committed to meeting the highest standards of accountability and quality management.


HAP International

Report on Sudan, regarding Human Rights and oil.

Human Rights Watch

An evaluation of World Bank's support to Low-Income Countries Under Stress (LICUS).

Independent Evaluation Group (IEG)

Overview of International Alert’s approach to peacebuilding and access to resources and information on regional programmes. International Alert is an independent peacebuilding organisation that works to lay the foundations for lasting peace and security in communities affected by violent conflict.

International Alert

INCORE (International Conflict Research) is a joint project of the United Nations University and the University of Ulster . It aims to influence policymakers and practitioners involved in peace, conflict and reconciliation issues while enhancing the nature of international conflict research. INCORE has resources for the evaluation of conflict resolution and a conflict data service (CDS).

International Conflict Research (INCORE)

The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-partisan, source of analysis and advice to governments and intergovernmental bodies on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict.

International Crisis Group

IDRC is a Canadian Crown corporation that works in close collaboration with researchers from the developing world in their search for the means to build healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous societies. It’s programme on peace conflict and development supports research on and for peacebuilding, accountability during peacebuilding and capacity building of the peacebuilding field in the South.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Crisis response programme to promote opportunities in business and decent work in conflict zones.

International Labour Organization (ILO)

IPI is an independent, international institution dedicated to promoting the prevention and settlement of armed conflicts between and within states through policy research and development.

International Peace Institute

The International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO) is an independent and international institute conducting academic research on questions relevant to the promotion of a more peaceful world.

International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)

Brief overview of JICA’s approach to peacebuilding.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

This journal bridges traditional development and security studies through its focus on cross-cutting policy agendas, such as conflict prevention and security sector reform. Edited by the Conflict, Security and Development Research Group in the Department of War Studies, Kings College London.

Journal of Conflict, Security and Development, Routledge

The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development (JPD) is a publication for the sharing of critical thinking and constructive action at the intersections of conflict, development and peace. JPD is a joint publication of the South North Centre for Peacebuilding and Development (SNCPD) in Harare, Zimbabwe and American University’s Center for Global Peace (CGP) in Washington, DC, USA, and produced in collaboration with the Executive Editors and other institutional partners.

Journal of Peacebuilding and Development

Initiative to curtail the flow of conflict diamonds.

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)

ODI is Britain's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. Its mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries.


Risk management tool for weak governance zones.


Access to policy briefings and research emerging from the OECD DAC International Network on Conflict and Fragility as well as links to the websites of member countries.

OECD Development Assistance Committee

Tool with the aim of assisting companies that invest in countries with weak governance to reduce risk and ethical dilemmas.

OECD Risk Awareness Tool for Multinational Enterprises in Weak Governance Zones

Peace, Conflict and Development is an open-access journal focusing on contemporary issues in Conflict and Peace Studies from the University of Bradford, Department for Peace Studies.

Peace, Conflict and Development – An Interdisciplinary Journal

Conference site on 'Poverty Reduction in Conflict and Fragile States: Perspectives from the Household Level'.

Poverty Frontiers

Global initiative with the aim of supporting citizens of resource-rich developing countries to hold their governments accountable for the management of revenues from the oil, gas and mining industries.

Publish What You Pay (PWYP)

Enhancing the Private Sector Contribution to Post-War Recovery in Poor Countries.

QEH/ Bruck, Fitzgerald and Grigsby

Information on RTC’s resources, courses and programmes. RTC specialises in transforming conflict and violence by facilitating individuals and organisations to address the underlying causes of violence through skills development and capacity building.

Responding to Conflict (RTC)

Information on Saferworld’s activities and access to publications and resources. Saferworld is an independent non-governmental organisation that works to prevent and reduce violent conflict and promote cooperative approaches to security.


Addressing the role of private security companies within security sector reform programmes.


The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute undertakes research on the non-military aspects of crisis management, post-conflict justice and the nexus between security and development in resolving conflict.


Overview of Skillshare’s peacebuilding programme. Skillshare works to reduce poverty, injustice and inequality and to further economic and social development in partnership with people and communities throughout the world.

Skillshare International

Access to information, policy documentation and guidance on conflict prevention and transformation from the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation

Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)

The Centre for Peacebuilding (KOFF) contributes to the development of practice-oriented methods and tools to design and implement humanitarian assistance and development programmes in a conflict-sensitive way and to the development of peacebuilding programmes. It provides information, participates in the international discussion, organizes trainings, compiles and circulates lessons learnt and provides assistance to its 47 member organisations.

The Centre for Peacebuilding (KOFF)

The Working Group on Development and Peace (FriEnt) is an association of seven German governmental and non-governmental organisations, with the main objective to promote peacebuilding in all areas of development cooperation. FriEnt's core activities include fostering joint learning, capacity building, advice and supporting networking and cooperation of its members.

The Working Group on Development and Peace (FriEnt)

Enabling Economies of Peace: Public Policy for Conflict-Sensitive Business.

UN Global Compact

Project to promote the business case for conflict prevention within the financial sector.

UNEP Finance Initiative

Report on the relevance of conflict for the financial sector and the role of financial institutions in conflict prevention.

UNEP Finance Initiative

Provides information and publications relating to UNDPs work in conflict prevention and crisis recovery.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Information and resources on how to enhance the capacity of companies to make a positive contribution to peace and development in ‘conflict-prone’ countries.

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

Information on USAID’s approach and work on conflict and development with access to publications and resources.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Toolkit to raise awareness of the links between timber, forest management, and conflict; and to assist the integration of a conflict perspective into development programming.


Market Development During and Post-Conflict: Emerging Lessons for Pro-Poor Economic Reconstruction.

USAID and SEEP Network

Guidelines for oil, gas, and mining companies on how to maintain the safety and security of their operations within an operating framework that guarantees respect for human rights.

Voluntary Principles on Human Rights and Security (VPs)

Information on the World Bank’s approach to working in fragile and conflict affected countries. Provides access to policy documentation and reports.

World Bank

Provides an overview of World Vision’s approach to working on peace and conflict and access to publications. World Vision works to make a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes, especially as they affect children.

World Vision