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Foreword by Kofi Annan

Conflict Analysis and Response Definition

Peace & Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) and NGO Peacebuilding – Experiences from Kenya & Guatemala: A Briefing Paper

Checklist for Selecting a Conflict Analysis Tool

Towards a Conflict-Sensitive Poverty Reduction Strategy: Lessons from a Retrospective Analysis

Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice: Guidance for Extractive Industries

Reflecting on Peace Practice

Conflict Analysis Tools

Transnational Corporations in Conflict Prone Zones: Public Policy Responses and a Framework for Action

Planning and Programming

Applying Conflict Sensitivity in Emergency Response – Current Practice and Ways Forward

Conflict and Project Finance: Exploring Options for the Better Management of Conflict Risk

Conflict Sensitivity in Emergencies: Learning from the Asia Tsunami Response

Enhancing the Role of Non-State Actors in Conflict-Censitive Development

Conflict Sensitivity Consortium Benchmarking Paper - Full Version

Conflict Analysis Framework

Conflict Analysis

Tools for businesses

A Measure of Peace: Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) of Development Projects in Conflict Zones

Confronting War: Critical Lessons for Peace Practitioners

Promoting a Conflict Prevention Approach to OECD Companies and Partnering with Local Business

EC Checklist for Root Causes of Conflict

Conflict Analysis for Project Planning and Implementation

Building Institutional Capacity for Conflict-Sensitive Practice: The Case of International NGOs

Conflict, Humanitarian Assistance and Peacebuilding: Meeting the Challenges

Benefits / Harms Handbook

Peace and Conflict-Sensitive Approaches to Development: A Briefing for the OECD Task Force on Conflict, Peace and Development Cooperation and the Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Network (CPRN)

Working with Conflict: Skills and Strategies for Action

Embracing the Practice of Conflict Sensitive Approaches: An Analysis of the Kenyan Context

DAC Guidelines on Conflict, Peace and Development Cooperation

Aiding Peace? The Role of NGOs in Armed Conflict

Conflict and Aid: Enhancing the Peacebuilding Impact of International Engagement. A Synthesis of Findings from Afghanistan, Liberia and Sri Lanka

Conducting Conflict Assessments: Guidance Notes

Strategic Conflict Assessment

FAST Methodology

Can Conflict Analysis Processes Support Gendered Visions of Peace Building? Reflections from the Peace and Stability Development Analysis in Fiji

Aid for Peace: A Guide to Planning and Evaluation for Conflict Zones

Local Business

Promoting Development in Areas of Actual or Potential Violent Conflict: Approaches in Conflict Impact Assessment and Early Warning, 2000

Making Sense of Turbulent Contexts (MSTC): Analysis Tools for Humanitarian Actors

Manual for Conflict Analysis

Do No Harm / Local Capacities for Peace Project

Kenya Conflict Analysis Summary Report

Applying conflict sensitivity at project level case studies

Putting a Human Face to the Problem of Small Arms Proliferation

Development Dimensions of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

Education for All – Nepal Review from a Conflict Perspective

Conflict Assessment Framework

Gender, Conflict, and Peacekeeping

Conflict-Sensitive Approaches to Development, Humanitarian Assistance and Peacebuilding

Conflict Sensitivity Consortium Benchmarking Paper - Abridged Version

Conflict and Policy Assessment Framework

Better Programming Initiative

Early Warning and Preventive Measures

Oil, Profits and Peace: Does Business Have a Role in Peacemaking?

Practical Guide to Multilateral Needs Assessments in Post-Conflict Situations

Enabling Economies of Peace: Public Policy for Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice

Mainstreaming Conflict Sensitivity

Conflict Diagnostic Handbook